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Founded in 1960, the San Benardino Teachers Association (SBTA) represents educational professionals working in the San Bernardino City Unified School District. We're proud to be your voice and advocate for your rights - together we can achieve almost anything!

Fellow Educators, June 24, 2020
The San Bernardino Teachers Association is committed to strengthening and escalating our efforts to provide safe and equitable learning and working environments for our staff and students. Recent events have brought the ongoing mistreatment and violence towards Black Americans to the forefront. We denounce racism and discrimination. We support our Black colleagues and students and the Black Lives Matter Movement.

Right now, our children are watching as important social issues around race are surfacing in our communities. We stand together to be the voices for our students, their families, and our community. We know that many of our students value school as a safe place where they can be themselves, learn, and grow to their full potential. We know that as San Bernardino educators, we want the best for our students. With each phone call, email, Class Dojo or Remind message
you have made to connect with your students away from the classroom, you prove how important our students are to us. SBTA members have always gone out of their way to provide more than just an excellent educational experience for students, they have provided community leadership.

We can and must do more to practice inclusivity. We can and must do more to become aware of our unconscious biases to gain broader perspectives of other’s lives and experiences. We can and must do more to facilitate conversations about culture and race that shed a light on discriminatory practices. We can and must do more to address the institutionalized racism that exists in the United States, and in our community. This racism extends beyond the justice system; it lingers in all aspects of American life, and neither teacher unions nor the education system are exempt from its impacts. We support meaningful dialogue and actions that will lead to substantive changes.

Over 20 years ago, SBTA established a Human Rights Committee. The Human Rights Committee exists to address issues of social justice, equity and equality and to provide professional development to enhance our members' understanding of these human and civil rights issues. SBTA welcomes any members who wish to join the Human Rights Committee. If you are interested in joining please e-mail Barbara Pastuschek, SBTA Vice President, at barbarasbta@gmail.com. For those interested in the Human Rights Committee, we will be meeting in July via Zoom to create an action plan for the upcoming school year.

In conclusion, this moment is calling on us for imagination, tenacity, accountability, and resolve to make a plan and stick to it. As a community and a nation, we have a lot of work and healing to do. It is incumbent upon us that our Black, Indigenous, and Members of Color feel safe, welcome and a part of our union. SBTA is committed to actions that lead to positive change.

In Unity,
SBTA Board of Directors


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