SBTA Bylaws

Article VI: Faculty Representatives

A. Faculty representatives shall be elected by and from the active membership of each faculty group in May. Such election shall be by open nomination and secret ballot. A faculty representative shall not conduct an election in which he/she is a candidate. Each faculty shall be entitled to at least one (1) representative and shall have one (1) representative to each fifteen (15) Association members on the faculty or major fraction thereof. When there is more than one rep from the building, one person shall be designated chairperson of the representatives from that building.

B. Active members who are not represented through individual faculty groups shall be counted as special faculty groups entitled to the same representation on the Council as the individual school faculty groups.

C. Special services departments with SBTA shall have at least one (1) representative.

D. Vacancies may be filled by properly elected or appointed replacements.

E. Faculty representatives shall:

  1. conduct constant and ongoing liaison between the Representative Council and the active members of the faculty unit;
  2. serve as the official channel through which written communications and publications can be easily and quickly transmitted between the Association and active members;
  3. represent the views and input of the active membership of the faculty in votes taken in the Representative Council, conducting frequent and regular polls of such membership for this purpose; and
  4. perform such additional duties as prescribed by the Board of Directors.