SBTA Bylaws

Article VIII: Officers

A. The elected officers of the Association shall be the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B. The officers shall be and remain currently paid-up, active members of the United Education Profession as a condition for nomination to and service in their respective positions during their term of office.

C. These officers shall be elected by and from the active membership of the Association. Such election shall be by open nomination and secret ballot.

D. Officers shall be elected for a term of 2 years, commencing on July 1 of any calendar year.

E. A vacancy shall be deemed to exist in the case of death, resignation, or inability to serve in any of the offices of the Association. In the event the vacancy occurs in the office of President, the Vice President shall assume the office. In the event the vacancy occurs in an office other than President, the Representative Council shall elect a successor to fill the unexpired term at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

F. The President shall be the chief executive officer of the Association and its policy leader. The President shall:

  1. preside at all meetings of the Association, the Representative Council and the Board of Directors;
  2. prepare the agenda for the meetings of the Association, Representative Council, and the Executive Board;
  3. be the official spokesperson for the Association;
  4. familiarize himself/herself with the governance documents of the Association, the CTA and NEA;
  5. appoint all chairpersons and members of committees and the Bargaining Team with approval of the Board of Directors and Representative Council;
  6. co-sign all checks, with the Treasurer, drawn upon the treasury;
  7. call meetings of the Association and Board of Directors;
  8. suggest policy, plan activities for the Association, and be held responsible for the progress and work of the Association;
  9. attend meetings of the Service Center Council of which the Association is a member; and
  10. attend other CTA/NEA meetings as may be directed by the Representative Council.

G. The Vice President shall:

  1. serve as assistant to the President in duties of the President;
  2. assume duties of the President in absence of the President;
  3. be responsible for the formation and distribution of the Association's calendar of activities;
  4. serve as the coordinator of committee activities at the direction of the President; and
  5. shall be one of the authorized cosigners of checks for the Association.

H, The Secretary shall:

  1. keep careful and accurate records of the proceedings of each meeting, regular or special, of the Association, Council and Executive Board;
  2. be responsible for distribution of all notices and minutes of the meetings to members of the Council, the Board of Directors and to the membership when appropriate;
  3. keep an accurate roster of the membership of the Association, all committees, and task forces; and
  4. carry on the correspondence pertaining to the affairs of the Association as directed by the President.

I. The Treasurer shall:

  1. receive all funds belonging to the San Bernardino Teachers Association; and be responsible for their safekeeping and accounting;
  2. payout such funds upon the orders of the President;
  3. be responsible for keeping an itemized account of receipts and expenditures and report same to the Board of Directors and Representative Council;
  4. present books to be audited annually by an accountant approved by the Board of Directors;
  5. prepare a monthly statement showing expenditures and receipts which shall be published in the month following the close of the month;
  6. direct preparation of the proposed annual budget for adoption at the last Representative Council meeting of the school year;
  7. shall be one of the authorized cosigners of checks for the Association;
  8. provide the proposed annual budget a minimum of five (5) school days prior to the Representative Council meeting when the budget is to be adopted;
  9. submit membership and financial reports to CTA/NEA or other agencies, as required by law; and
  10. serve as Treasurer of the PAGE COMMITTEE(S) and be responsible for the preparation of all legal reports for PAGE.