SBTA Bylaws

Article XIII: Poltitical Action Group for Education

A. Committee members shall be nominated by the President, approved by the Board of Directors, and ratified by the Representative Council for a three (3) year term.

B. The Chairperson of the PAGE shall be appointed for a term of one (1) year by the President, subject to approval of the Board of Directors and ratification by the Representative Council.

C. No officer or member of the committee, including chairperson, shall be or be deemed to be, an officer of SBTA by virtue of holding office or being a member of PAGE.

D. The Treasurer of SBTA shall serve as Treasurer for the PAGE Committee.

E. The PAGE Committee chairperson and treasurer shall make expenditures in the performance of the duties of the Committee, hold the funds in the Committees' name in a bank or bank account, savings and loan account, short-term time certificate or savings account, provided that such funds shall be held entirely separate and apart form the funds of the SBT A, and all expenditures shall comply with the bylaws of the Association.

F. The Political Action Group for Education (PAGE) shall:

  1. publish, distribute and otherwise provide for the dissemination of information concerning the committee position or viewpoint on educational issues and other matters of interest to the San Bernardino Teachers Association;
  2. recommend to the Board of Directors standing rules for procedures for evaluating candidates and issues;
  3. have the authority to make expenditures of funds in support or opposition to issues affecting teachers and the educational system and candidates;
  4. report in September, January and May to the Board of Directors and the Representative Council, showing in each report the receipt and expenditures of funds, the place and amount of deposits, and any outstanding liabilities of the committee in excess of $100.00. Any such report of the PAGE COMMIITTEE(S) shall also be made available to any member of SBTA who contributes to said funds, upon his/her request;
  5. file reports with any governmental agency in connection with the performance of any of its duties in the name of the committee or the committee members.

G. Member Contributions

  1. Each member may make a voluntary individual contribution in the amount of four percent (4%) of his/her local membership dues to be held and administered by the PAGE COMMITTEE(S).
  2. For the convenience of the members and the administration of the fund, four percent (4%) of all local membership dues shall be allocated to a fund to be held and administered by the PAGE COMMITTEE(S).
  3. Any member who elects, on or before October 15 of any year, that no part of his/her membership dues shall be allocated to such fund shall notify the Association in writing of his/her election and no part of such member's dues shall be allocated to the PAGE COMMITTEE(S) fund.
  4. Unless otherwise specified for another Association purpose by the member, any member who elects not to have dues paid to the PAGE COMMITTEE(S) fund shall have his/her dues allocated in full to the Association's general fund for the general purpose budget.