SBTA Bylaws

Article XIV: Nominations and Elections

A. The Board of Directors shall adopt Standing Rules setting forth the procedures for conducting elections. (Appendix "C")

B. The President shall appoint an Election Committee and Chairperson, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and the Representative Council to conduct all elections of the Association.

C. Notification of offices open for election, nomination procedures', and election time lines shall be distributed to all members and posted in all customary and appropriate locations:

  1. Any Active member, at his/her request, shall have his/her name placed upon the ballot for an office of the Association;
  2. The name of any Active member may be placed in nomination by any other member, with the consent of the nominee.

D. Election of officers, SBTA Board members, and NEA Local Delegates shall be conducted prior to May 1 by secret ballot of the general membership.

E. When the number of candidates for NEA Local Delegate is equal to or less than the number of delegate seats, the question of waiving the ballot shall be presented to the Representative Council on a non-debatable basis. A two thirds (2/3) vote shall be required to waive the ballot.

F. Election of CTA State Council Representative(s) shall be conducted prior to May 1 by secret ballot of the general membership.

G. Faculty Representatives shall be elected in May of each association year by open nominations and secret ballot by and from the active members who are assigned to that faculty. Vacancies shall be filled by special election of the constituency.

H. All Active members shall be afforded the opportunity to vote. All Active members who are off-track or on a dues-paying leave shall be notified by mail in order to provide them an opportunity and right to vote. Provisions must be made for members to cast a ballot, including a mail-ballot, in such a manner as to protect the identity of the voting member.