Section 1 -- Physical Examination
  The District will pay any or all fees charged by the District-approved clinic for x-ray or intradermal tests to detect tuberculosis as required by the District for unit members. Unit members who wish to provide x-ray or intradermal clearances from personal physicians may do so, utilizing medical coverage provided under District plans. Additional expense resulting from use of private medical facilities shall not be borne by the District. Such physical examination will be required at least once each four (4) years or more often if recommended by the San Bernardino County Health Officer.

Section 2 -- Professional Growth
  A. This Section applies to those unit members who acquire a clear multiple- or single-subject teaching credential after August 31, 1985.  
  B. Those unit members to whom this Section applies shall develop an individual program of professional growth that consists of a minimum of one hundred and fifty (150) clock hours of participation in activities that contribute to competence, performance, or effectiveness in the profession of education. This program is to be completed within a five (5) year period. The five (5) year period begins September 1, 1985, or on the date that a clear credential is issued after September 1, 1985  
  C. Each unit member who obtains a clear credential after August 31, 1985, shall develop a professional growth program that shall be consistent with the requirements of law, regulations adopted pursuant to law, and District needs.  Acceptable activities shall include:  
    (1) Completion of courses offered by accredited colleges and universities.  
    (2) Participation in professional conferences, workshops, teacher center programs, or staff development programs.  
    (3) Service as a mentor teacher.  
    (4) Participation in District curriculum development programs.  
    (5) Participation in educational research or innovation efforts.  
    (6) Participation in systematic programs of observation and analysis of teaching service.  
    Service in a leadership role in a professional organization. For the service to be acceptable the unit member must serve as an elected officer, a chair of a committee, or an official representative of an organization of professional educators, and the unit member must participate in charting, planning, or forming educational or professional policies, positions, or directives for the organization to pursue. Excluded are activities related to collective bargaining.  
  D. A clock hour is determined by the actual time spent in the activity. Each semester unit earned at an accredited college or university shall equal fifteen (15) clock hours, and each quarter unit shall equal ten (10) clock hours.  
  E. Prior to beginning an activity that could accumulate clock hours, the unit member shall submit the proposed activity on District forms to his/her professional growth advisor.  
  F. The unit member is responsible for the submission, accuracy, and truthfulness of all reports relating to acceptable activities and the clock hours claimed.  
  G. Certification of full compliance with the requirements of the five (5) year program shall be submitted by the unit member on District forms to his/her professional growth advisor no later than ninety (90) days prior to the expiration of the five (5) year period.  
  H. Unit members may appeal adverse actions under this Section to Level II of the grievance procedure found in Article XXIV of this Agreement. If the grievance is not resolved at Level II, the unit member may appeal to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing as provided by law.  Grievances arising out of this Section shall not be subject to the arbitration provisions set forth in Article XXIV of this Agreement.