Section 1 -- Work Year
  :A. The established work year for unit members shall be as follows

Single Track and
Standard Year

Year Round

Adult Education Head Counselor 215  
Athletic Director 215  
BTSA Support Provider 187 215
Child Center Permit Teacher 228  
Classroom Teacher 187  
Consulting Teacher 187 215
Early Start Teacher 200  
Elementary Counselor 187 205
Elementary P.E. Teacher 187 215
Hearing Panel Member 215  
Language Development Specialist--Resource Teacher 187 215
Learning Handicapped Resource Specialist 187 215
Librarian 197 215
Middle School Counselor 187 205
Mild/Moderate Special Ed. Teacher – Designated Instructional Services 187 215
Nurse 200 200
Preschool Permit Teacher 184  
Program Facilitator 187 215
Program Specialist 215 215
Psychologist 197 215
Resource Teacher 187 215
ROTC Teacher 202  
SDC Teacher--Special Schools 187  
Secondary Categorical Specialist 228  
Senior High School Counselor 189  
Senior High School Head Counselor 125  
Special Education Counselor 184  
Speech Therapist 187 215
Support Teacher 187 215
Teacher on Assignment   215
Unless otherwise designated, a work year for unit members shall be 187 days for those serving single tracks and standard year tracks and 215 days for those unit members serving all tracks on the year-round calendar. 
  B. During the first year of employment with the District, teachers may be required to work two (2) additional days. The additional two (2) days shall be for the purposes of orientation and in-service.  The unit member shall be paid the hourly rate set forth in Article XI, Section 7(C), for required attendance at new-teacher orientation, if any.
  C. The District shall establish the number of teaching days, parent conference days, workshop days, and other duty days. If, for any unforeseen reason, the number of teaching days falls below the state minimum, the District has the right to require sufficient additional workdays at no additional cost to the District to meet minimum state requirements.
  D. The minimum work year for full-time Adult Education teachers shall be 1,086 hours.

Section 2 -- Work Day
  A. Classroom teachers shall report, as designated by the District, twenty (20) minutes prior to the beginning of the regular first class or period, and shall remain at their work site fifteen (15) minutes following the end of the regular last class or period unless released earlier by their supervisor to attend a District activity. This minimum workday shall be exclusive of lunch, staff meetings, and adjunctive duties.

Classroom teachers at San Andreas High School shall report to work, as designated by the District, 2,050 minutes per week, exclusive of lunch, staff meetings, and adjunctive duties
  B. Counselors shall have the same workday as classroom teachers at the respective work sites. The starting and ending times of the workday may be adjusted by one (1) hour by the supervisor to meet the needs of the District. The workday shall be exclusive of lunch, staff meetings, and adjunctive duties.
  C. Nurses shall work, as assigned by the District, 2,050 minutes per week, exclusive of lunch, staff meetings, and adjunctive duties.
  D. Psychologists shall work a forty-hour week, exclusive of lunch.
  E. Unit members assigned to the hearing panel or as teachers on curricular assignment to Educational Services may be assigned to work up to forty (40) hours per week, exclusive of lunch, when required by the work load.
  F. Adult Education full-time teachers shall provide at least thirty (30) hours per week of classroom instruction.
  G. Permit teachers shall work eight (8) hours per day.
  H. Unit members assigned to work as program specialists in programs, such as Learning Handicapped in regular classes, driver education, and program facilitators shall work a forty (40) hour week as scheduled by the District. The unit member shall be paid a base per diem salary five percent (5%) above the per diem pay as set forth in Article XI, Section 1.
  I. Unit members in an extended-year program that provides services to students on all four tracks in a year-round program must submit to their supervisor an annual work schedule showing workdays and non-workdays. Once approved by the supervisor, the annual work schedule may be changed only by mutual consent of the unit member and the supervisor.
  J. Librarians shall work a forty-hour (40-hour) week, exclusive of lunch.  Librarians shall be paid a base per diem salary five per cent (5%) above the per diem pay as set forth in Article XI, Section 1.

Section 3 -- School Meetings
  The District agrees to meet and discuss with the Association the inclusion or exclusion of any newly instituted certificated job classification.  If the District and the Association fail to agree upon the inclusion or exclusion of the new certificated job classification, the issue will be submitted to the Public Employment Relations Board.  The District and the Association may jointly agree upon any other means to resolve disputes under this Section.
  A. Unit members shall be available after the regular daily school schedule on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday to attend required staff, curricular, and in-service meetings. Such meetings shall begin within fifteen (15) minutes after the completion of the scheduled minimum workday and shall not exceed sixty (60) minutes per meeting. No required meetings shall be held on Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
  B. With concurrence of the majority of the staff and the site administrator, meetings may be held before the start of the school workday or during lunch, excluding thirty (30) minutes of duty-free time. Such meetings shall be in lieu of one or more of the required after school meetings.
  C. Reasonable notice of a minimum of one (1) workday will be given to attend required meetings.
  D. There shall be no more than two (2) required meetings during any one (1) workweek.
  E. Unit members assigned to high schools may be required to attend a staff meeting on Wednesdays in order to meet with an accreditation team.
  F. Voluntary in-service meetings in which the unit member is paid to attend shall not be held on Wednesday afternoons unless no alternative day is available.
  G. In the event of critical need, unit members may be required to attend staff meetings on any workday, with less than one (1) day's notice.  Examples of critical need include, but are not limited to, environmental hazards, student or civil unrest, criminal activity, or other serious events of the same magnitude.

Section 4 -- Lunch Period
  Unit members shall have a duty-free lunch period of thirty (30) consecutive minutes. The length of the lunch period may be extended by the site administrator to conform to not more than the applicable student lunch period.

Section 5 -- Conference or Preparation Periods
  Each regular secondary school shall develop a master schedule that includes a daily preparation conference period for each classroom teacher. Secondary schools that have implemented block scheduling shall develop a master schedule that includes for each classroom teacher at least as much conference/preparation time per week as he/she would have received from a traditional master schedule that includes a daily conference/preparation period. Each regular elementary school shall develop a schedule that includes a weekly fifty (50) minute preparation or conference period for classroom teachers assigned to grades one through six (1-6) and all-day kindergarten.   Special schools do not have preparation or conference periods. Preparation and conference periods constitute work time that must be used for preparation, planning, conferencing, and other professional activities.

Section 6 -- Evening Activities/Adjunctive Duties
  All teachers shall attend the Back-to-School Night and/or Open House at their respective schools. The site administrator may substitute another evening activity for either Back-to-School Night or Open House. Teachers volunteering for sponsorship of pupil organizations shall be exempted from evening activities other than those assignments listed above. Other evening and/or afternoon supervisory activities shall be voluntary unless there is not a sufficient number of volunteers, in which case the District, or site administrator, shall make required assignments; in making such assignments, every effort shall be made to do so on the basis of an equitable rotation.

In addition to the minimum workday provided in Section 2 above, unit members shall be responsible for other assigned duties, including, but not limited to, conferring and counseling with pupils, parents, staff, and administrators; attending faculty, departmental, and grade-level meetings; assuming responsibility for the proper use and control of District property, materials, supplies, and equipment; supervising pupils within and outside the classroom and class hours; supervising and providing leadership of pupil organizations and activities as assigned; cooperating in parent, community, and Open House activities; and participating in approved staff-development programs

Section 7 -- Parent-Teacher Conferences
  During that time scheduled by the District for parent-teacher conferences, classroom teachers and resource specialists required to hold parent-teacher conferences may be released fifteen (15) minutes after the end of the last class or period, if no conferences are scheduled.  Regular proficiency test conferences shall be scheduled at the same time as the regular conferences. If conferences are scheduled, a teacher shall be released after the teacher's last conference.  Conferences may be held after the minimum workday provided for in Section 2 above in order to meet the needs of parents. When conferences are scheduled past the minimum workday, the teacher shall have the responsibility to set the appointment. Classroom teachers and resource specialists shall make all reasonable efforts to complete assigned parent-teacher conferences.

Section 8 -- Preparations
  The District will attempt to assign no more than three (3) different preparations to secondary classroom teachers. A preparation shall be defined as a subject title. Classroom teachers with more than three (3) preparations, which causes a substantial increase in hours, may appeal to the Superintendent or his designee for a reduction in the number of preparations. The decision of the Superintendent or his designee shall not increase staff at the classroom teacher's school and shall be final.

Section 9 -- Job Sharing
  A. Job sharing shall refer to two (2) or more permanent unit members voluntarily sharing one (1) or more full-time position(s).
  B. Unit members who have jointly agreed to share a job must submit an application and a plan to Human Resources prior to April 1. The job-sharing plan must include a division of responsibilities including, but not limited to, attendance at staff meeting, District meetings, adjunctive duties, parent conferences, report card preparation, etc. Both unit members must attend all District mandated in-service training as a condition of the job-sharing agreement. The plan must be approved by the supervisor and the District's Chief Human Resources Officer.
  C. Unit members working in job-sharing positions shall receive prorated salaries, benefits, and leaves. Except as set forth in subsection "D" below, contributions to the State Teachers' Retirement System (STRS) shall be proportionate to the time worked and salary earned.
  D. Job-sharing agreements shall be for one (1) year. The job-sharing agreements may be renewed by making application as set forth in subsection "B" above.
  E. If at all possible, unit members sharing a job shall serve as substitutes for one another. While working as a substitute, the unit member shall be paid the substitute rate of pay adopted by the Board of Education.  Unit members sharing a job may trade time with the approval of their supervisor.
  F. A job-sharing agreement, once approved by the District, can be revoked only with the mutual consent of the District and both unit members sharing the job.

Section 10 -- Exchange Days
  With the approval of the unit member's immediate supervisor, a unit member may exchange up to ten (10) workdays within the same school year with another unit member. The exchanges will allow a unit member scheduled to work to be absent and be replaced by an acceptable and qualified unit member not scheduled to work, and then later reciprocate in order to make up lost workdays. The request and exchange plan for the exchange days must be filed with the immediate supervisor not less than five (5) working days prior to the exchange day(s). Failure of a unit member to carry out the obligation to reciprocate under an approved exchange agreement within the school year shall result in a loss of pay for the day(s) in question, which shall be paid to the unit member who worked the added day(s). Paid leave time shall not be used to avoid repayment of exchange days. Where disputes arise regarding the repayment of exchange days, the unit member may appeal to the District's Chief Human Resources Officer. The decision of the Chief Human Resources Officer shall be final and binding and not subject to the grievance and arbitration procedure set forth in this Agreement.

Section 11 -- Roving Assignments
  For this section of the Agreement a roving teacher is defined as a teacher that moves from classroom to classroom monthly, during every track cycle or more than two periods per day. Except at schools where all teachers have roving room assignments, the administrators of four-track, year-round schools may designate roving teachers after consideration of volunteers for roving assignments. In the absence of volunteers for roving assignments, the school administrator will rotate the rover assignments so that there is a fair distribution of roving assignments among unit members. The District shall make reasonable effort to provide locking storage space for the roving teacher.  Teachers in their first two (2) years in the teaching profession shall not be given roving assignments if assigned prior to the first day of instruction unless no other option exists. While in the roving assignment, teachers shall be exempt from bus and yard duty.

Section 12 -- Joint Study Committee
  During the term of this Agreement, the Association shall have the right to call for the creation of a Joint Study Committee to determine the feasibility of increasing elementary preparation time at little or no cost to the District. The recommendations, if any, of the Joint Study Committee shall be reported to the Association and District.

Section 13 -- Reduced-Work-Load Program
  After reaching age fifty-five (55), unit members with more than ten (10) years of District service, of which the immediately preceding five (5) years were full-time employment, may enter into a non-revocable reduced work load part-time and receive full retirement credit, as if employed on a full-time basis. Both the District and the unit member shall contribute to the STRS the amount that would have been contributed if the unit member were employed on a full-time basis. If the agreement is for five (5) years or less, the unit member shall receive full benefits as set forth in Article XII of this Agreement as if employed full-time. Participation in the program is limited to not more than (10) years.  At the end of ten (10) years or the expiration of the reduced workload part-time, the unit member must retire.