Section 1 -- Association Obligations
  It is agreed and understood that there will be no strike, work stoppage, slow down, or any concerted action or other interference with the operations of the District by the Association or by its officers, agents, or members during the term of this Agreement, including compliance with the request of other employee organizations to engage in such activity. The Association recognizes the duty and obligation of its representatives to comply with the provisions of this Agreement and to make every effort toward inducing all unit members to do so. In the event of a strike, work stoppage, slow-down, concerted action, or other interference with the operations of the District by unit member who are represented by the Association, the Association agrees, in good faith, to take all necessary steps to cause those unit members to cease such action.

Section 2 -- Violation
  It is agreed and understood that any unit member violating this Article may be subject to discipline, up to and including termination by the District.

Section 3 -- Breech of Agreement
  It is understood that in the event Section 1 above is violated, this Agreement shall be breached and the District may elect to withdraw any rights, privileges, or services provided for herein from any unit member or the Association.

Section 4 -- District Obligations
  During the term of this Agreement or any extension thereof, the District agrees that it will not lock out unit members, refuse to submit disputes to grievance or arbitration, or refuse to abide by the final award of an arbitrator.