Article III: Negotiating Ground Rules

Section 1 – Location of Meetings

Negotiation meetings shall be held at mutually agreed to locations. A caucus room shall be provided for each Party.

Section 2 – Consultants

The Association and the District may utilize the services of consultants to assist in negotiations. Advance notice of the intent to bring a consultant into a negotiation session will be given whenever possible. Any expense incurred in the use of a consultant shall be borne by the Party using said consultant.

Section 3 – Private Sessions

It is mutually agreed that all negotiation sessions shall be held in private. Attendance shall be limited to team members and consultants to each team.

Section 4 – Agendas

he spokesperson or designee for each side shall determine the agenda in advance of a negotiating session. The agreement shall cover the items to be discussed and the order in which they will be discussed. Items placed on the agenda shall be agreed to by both Parties at the beginning of each negotiating session. If Parties agree to recess the meeting to be reconvened at a later date and/or time, the continuing agenda shall be mutually confirmed by the Parties.

Section 5 – Data

The District agrees to provide to the Association a copy of all documents pertinent to matters under negotiation when such documents or the information contained in such documents are requested by the Association. Included shall be regularly prepared papers and forms used in the preparation of the budget when such are specifically requested. Excluded from this agreement are: (1) working papers and drafts of documents in other than final form; (2) items dealing directly with District negotiating strategy; (3) items dealing primarily with employees not represented by the Association; and (4) items dealing with matters held to be confidential by law and/or District policy. The Association retains all rights of other citizens to request and receive public documents on any subject through the same procedures as other citizens, and subject to the same limitations and process as other citizens. All reports, documents, and materials provided without cost under this Agreement shall be in the form compiled by the District.

Section 6 – Release Time

The exclusive representatives shall be allowed reasonable release time for its members for the purpose of attending scheduled sessions for negotiations. An extension of negotiating sessions beyond the employee workday shall be by mutual consent.

Section 7 – Minutes

The District and the Association shall keep their own minutes of each negotiating session. A stenographer may be used by each Party for purposes of keeping records of such sessions.