Article VI: Association Rights

Section 1 – Facilities

The Association shall have the right to use District facilities at reasonable times, providing that requests for the use of facilities shall be submitted on regular District forms provided for such use and subject to the provisions of the Civic Center Act. Individual school meetings held within or adjacent to the regular workday will not be bound by the above.

Section 2 – Reasonable Time

For the purpose of this Article, "reasonable time" shall be defined to mean not interfering with or interrupting the instructional program.

Section 3 – Communication

The Association shall have the right to post notices of Association concern on bulletin boards, at least one of which shall be maintained in each work location in an area frequented by unit members. A notice must be dated and must identify the person and organization responsible for its promulgation.

Section 4 – Pre-School Orientation

The Association shall be given one (1) hour on the agenda of any District-wide, pre-school orientation program for new teachers to explain the Association's activities.

Section 5 – Right of Access

Authorized Association representatives shall, in accordance with the conditions noted herein, have the right of reasonable access to District facilities for the purpose of contacting unit members and transacting lawful Association business. Upon arriving at a school site, any representative shall first report to the office of the site administrator to announce his/her presence. In no event shall any representative or unit member interrupt or interfere in any way with normal work. Contacts with unit members shall be limited to non-classroom teaching hours, such as, breaks, duty-free lunch periods, and before and after school.

Section 6 – Bargaining Unit Information

The District shall provide the Association, on or before November 1 of each year, a list of employees within the unit, their home addresses, and designated work sites. The District shall present to each new unit member, upon initial employment, an Association-supplied employee information form. Upon receipt of the completed form, the District shall forward the form to the Association.

Section 7 – Layoff Notification

The District shall notify the Association of any proposed layoff of unit members prior to the mailing of the layoff notices to unit members. The notice shall contain the names of unit members to receive layoff notices, along with their employment dates and current work locations.

Section 8 – Copies of the Contract

The District shall provide five hundred (500) copies of the Agreement to the Association and maintain a current Agreement on the Internet.

Section 9 – Association Leaves

A. President's Leave:  The President of the Association shall be granted a leave of absence for Association business. The Association shall reimburse the District at one-half the average teacher salary for each day of leave.

On any school day that the District does not have sufficient substitutes to meet the needs of the District, the Association's President shall report for a substitute assignment as directed by the District.

B. Association Time Bank:  A maximum of one hundred (100) days per school year shall be granted during the term of this Agreement to unit members for Association representation. Unit members under this provision shall be allowed time off without loss of pay or benefits. The Association shall pay the long-term substitute salary for each day of absence and complete any forms required by the District for the purpose of record keeping. Except as authorized in other specific provisions of this Agreement, individual unit members may not use more than fifteen (15) Association leave days per school year.

Leaves under this subsection will be allowed for the following representation activities:

  1. Grievance Representation:  Association representatives, designated to the District, shall be granted leave to investigate and process grievances. Twenty-four (24) hours' notice will be presented to the District. Individual grievance representatives may not use more than three (3) such leave days.
  2. Association Business:  With forty-eight (48) hours' notice, Association representatives may use time as set forth in this subsection for other lawful Association business.