Article VII: Association Consultation

Section 1 – Consultation

The District acknowledges the right of the Association to consult at the District level on the definition of educational objectives, the determination of the content of courses and curriculum, and the selection of textbooks to the extent such matters are within the discretion of the District under the law.

Section 2 – Notice

If, during the term of this Agreement, the District intends to change written Board policies and those administrative rules, regulations, and procedures subject to consultation, the District will first notify the Association and, upon request, consult with the Association representatives concerning proposed changes.

Section 3 – Procedures

The Association may send a representative to attend all District committees charged with the responsibility to develop proposed Board policies in matters subject to consultation. Committees formed with the District administrative staff and/or site administrators shall be exceptions to right of Association representation provided for in this Section.

Section 4 – Violations of Procedures

A. This consult procedure shall be the sole and exclusive process for communication on proposed Board policy, subject to consultation. Failure on the part of the exclusive representative to avail itself of this process, once notice has been given, shall preclude comment by representatives of the employee organization on any such proposed Board policy. The Association reserves the right to respond to any proposed Board policy offered for consultation that has changed since presentation to the Association for consultation.

B. If the District does not follow the consult process, the Association may file an objection with the Employee Relations Office.

Section 5 – Release Time

The District will provide release time and substitutes, if required, for Association representatives as set forth in Section 4(A) of this Article. Association representatives' release time shall be on the same basis as other unit members participating on the committee. Release time shall be limited to one representative per committee. If the Association appoints a committee member or an Association nominee is appointed, that person shall be the Association representative for purposes of this Section.

Section 6 – Desegregation and Integration

A free exchange of information between the District and the Association is desirable for an effective Desegregation and Integration Program. The District and the Association will use the "Consult Process" set forth in this Article VII of this Agreement to resolve problems and issues that develop as the Desegregation and Integration Program is implemented.