Article XII: Health and Welfare Benefits

Section 1 – Insurance Benefits

The District shall make available group health, life, and dental insurance benefits to full-time and part-time employees. Employees are required to sign-up for such benefits within thirty (30) days of the first contract day of service. After initial enrollment any change in life status, i.e. marriage, birth, or adoption of a child must be made within thirty (30) days of the occurrence.

The District shall pay the full cost of group dental insurance premiums for full-time unit member and eligible dependents and full-time unit member's group life insurance premiums. The District shall pay the full cost of group health insurance premiums for eligible full-time unit members and eligible dependents enrolled in the least expensive of the group health plans. Unit members enrolled in a more expensive group health plan shall have the difference in the cost of premiums between the least expensive health plan and the health plan they have selected deducted from their payroll warrant.

Section 2 – Administration

The District reserves the sole right to select, change, administer, or fund any fringe benefit programs involving insurance that now exist or may exist in the future during the term of this Agreement. No changes in insurance carrier or methods of funding coverage shall result in a reduction of benefits, except as provided for in Section 4(A) of this Article.

Section 3 – Eligibility

A full-time unit members shall have the total District contribution toward payment for benefits for the unit member and eligible dependents, except as provided for in Section 1 of this Article. Part-time contract unit members covered by this Contract shall have the right to a proportionate share of the total benefit payment if the unit member elects to pay the remaining share of the cost of coverage. Proration shall be based on proportion of full-time employment.

Section 4 – Insurance Committee

A. The Association shall have two (2) positions on the District Insurance Committee, which shall represent one-third (1/3) of the voting membership. The Committee will review claims experience and the administration of the group insurance programs in order to contain insurance costs. The Committee shall have the authority to make recommendations to the Association and the Board of Education for the purpose of cost containment. Recommendations made by the Insurance Committee shall be made by consensus. Failure to reach consensus will result in a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the total membership of the Committee. At least one (1) member of each constituent group must vote on the prevailing side. Failure to reach an agreement will result in resolution through negotiations with the Association.

B. During the term of this Agreement, the Association shall have the right to call for the creation of a Joint Study Committee to determine the feasibility of establishing an Employer/Employee Trust to administer the group insurance benefits provided for in this Agreement. The recommendations, if any, of the Joint Study Committee shall be reported to the Association and District.

Section 5 – Insurance Cost Containment

The Association and the District agree to work towards insurance cost containment. As part of this effort, joint employee awareness programs will be conducted.

Section 6 – Employee Assistance Program

The District shall provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).