Article XIII: Retiree Health Insurance

Section 1 – Program

During the term of this Agreement, the District shall provide group health insurance benefits to unit members who retire following not less than fifteen (15) years of continuous full-time District employment.

Section 2 – District Contribution

In order to receive benefits under this Article XIII, the unit member must:

A. The District shall contribute an amount not to exceed the premium for an active employee charged under the tier structure during the term of this Agreement for the least expensive of the District’s group health insurance plans.

B. The District contribution for the post retirement medical benefit shall not exceed five (5) consecutive years immediately following retirement, unless the unit member has accumulated in excess of one thousand, two hundred (1,200) hours of sick leave. Unit members who have accumulated in excess of one thousand, two hundred (1,200) hours of sick leave on their last day of service shall receive the District contributions for post-retirement medical benefits for a period not to exceed six (6) consecutive years immediately following retirement.

C. The District will contribute an amount up to the limit set forth in sub-section A above for the retired unit member and eligible dependents. Should the cost of the District’s insurance program exceed the amount set forth in sub-section A above, it will be the retiree’s obligation to pay the difference, as requested by the District.

D. The contribution will be applied to health insurance benefits provided through the District-adopted hospital and medical insurance program for unit members. If the retired unit member lives outside of the service area of the District-adopted programs, the District will re-reimburse the retired unit member for hospital and medical insurance, up to the limit set forth in sub-section A of this Section.

Section 3 – Terms of the Program

A. Unit members must submit a retirement letter to the District ninety (90) days preceding retirement.employment.

B. Unit members must be eligible to retire and must retire in order to participate in the program.

C. Upon reaching eligibility for Medicare benefits, the retired unit member and/or covered dependent(s) must enroll in a senior plan for retirees offered by the District-adopted group health insurance plans.

D. Upon entering the program, former unit members cease to be unit member for the purposes of this Agreement.

E. Unit members are not eligible to participate as both a retiree employee and as a dependent in group health plans. All of a unit member’s eligible dependents must be enrolled in the same health plan and may not be enrolled as dependents by more than one District retiree/employee.