Article XXI: Employee Property Reimbursement

Section 1 – General Provisions

The District shall repair or replace unit members' property that is damaged or stolen in the line of duty, without fault of the unit member, subject to the conditions set forth in this Article XXI.

Section 2 – Claims

Claims must be filed on a District claim form within thirty (30) days of the loss and shall meet the following requirements:

A. The loss must be promptly reported to School Police.

B. Minimum claim of $20.00.

Section 3 – Claim Limits

Payments by the District for claims shall not exceed $300.00 per item or $500.00 per incident, but in no case shall exceed the lesser of:

A. The unit member's deductible;

B. The actual cost of repair; or

C. The actual value of the item.

Section 4 – Unit Member's Responsibility

The unit member has primary responsibility to secure and protect his/her personal property. Claims for reimbursement under this Article shall not be paid under the following circumstances:

A. The unit member failed to take responsible steps to safeguard his/her property.

B. The loss was a result of the unit member's negligence or lack of care.

C. The unit member failed to take reasonable steps to recover from the known person or persons that caused the damage.

Section 5 – Automobile Claims

Automobile claims are subject to the following claim limits:

A. The unit member's automobile must be parked on or adjacent to District property while the unit member is engaged in District work.

B. Damage must be by a malicious act or vandalism.

C. Theft must be by a District student.

D. Collision claims and personal property taken from the vehicle are excluded from coverage under this article.

E. The claim form must be supported by the following documentation:

  1. Two (2) repair estimates must be submitted with claims in excess of two hundred dollars ($200).
  2. Proof of completed repair showing amount paid.
  3. Proof of insurance showing coverage and deductibles at time of loss.
  4. Any other documentation requested by the Employee Property Reimbursement Committee.

Section 6 – Personal Property Claims

A. The District shall pay the cost of replacing or repairing property of a unit member, such as prescription eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, watches, or articles of clothing necessarily worn or carried by a unit member, when such item is stolen or damaged in the line of duty without fault of the unit member. Excluded are jewelry, telephones, pagers, purses or wallets including contents and cash or cash equivalents.

B. The District shall pay the cost of replacing or repairing tools or other property of a unit member lost or damage due to fire, burglary, or vandalism while such property is at the work site of a unit member, provided the unit member has received written authorization on District104 provided forms, to bring such personal property to the work site.

Section 7 – Employee Property Reimbursement Committee

The Association shall have two (2) positions on the District committee, which shall represent one-third (1/3) of the voting membership. The committee will review claims and determine acceptance or rejection of claims and the amount paid on accepted claims.