Article XXII: Reassignment

Section 1 – Definitions

Reassignment is the change of unit member's instructional assignment or track at a year-round school without a change in work site.

Section 2 – Right of Reassignment

The District has the right to reassign unit members based upon the needs of the District, except as limited by the specific provisions of this Article.

Such reassignments shall not be for arbitrary, capricious, or for disciplinary reasons. Unit members reassigned shall be given the reasons for the reassignment in writing upon request of the unit member.

Section 3 – Reassignment Procedures

A. When reassignment is necessary, the District shall attempt to reassign a properly credentialed volunteer who is most qualified by his/her training and experience. The site administrator shall solicit staff preferences for instructional/track assignments prior to the end of the school year. Absent a properly credentialed volunteer who is most qualified by his/her training and experience for a track reassignment, the site administrator shall apply Section 4 below.

B. If a properly credentialed volunteer who is most qualified by his/her training and experience is not available, the District may reassign unit members.

C. This Section 3 does not contemplate changes in a teacher's instructional schedule within a major field of study (i.e., Math I to Algebra I).

Section 4 – Track Change Involuntary Reassignment

A. The site administrator shall actively seek volunteers for a track change reassignment by written or verbal communication to staff by April 25th of the school year. Notification to the unit member of his/her involuntary track change reassignment for the following year shall be given not less than ten (10) workdays of the due date of their intent to return form.

B. If an involuntary track change reassignment is to take place at the beginning of the school year the unit member shall be notified of the track change reassignment no later than twenty (20) workdays prior to the end of the employee's assigned track. For the purposes of this subsection the employee shall be allowed to submit a transfer request after the transfer request deadline. The transfer request shall be submitted within seven (7) workdays of the involuntary reassignment notification.

C. An involuntary reassignment in track shall not occur after the first day of school of any track unless class size instructional needs or mandates for specialized areas arise.

D. During the first year of the involuntary reassignment the District shall make reasonable effort to work with the employee to address prior arrangements for vacations, childcare, and personal commitments within the parameters of this agreement.

E. When two (2) or more unit members meet the qualifications for an involuntary track change reassignment, the following criteria will be used to make the determination:

  1. Credential required for the position;
  2. Qualifications for the position, including prior training and experience;
  3. Ethnic balance of the staff as required by law;
  4. Staffing for designated co-curricular activities (secondary schools only); and
  5. Major and minor field of study (secondary schools only).

Where the foregoing factors are substantially equal, the unit member with the least seniority shall be the unit member to be involuntarily reassigned.

Section 5 – Track Change Involuntary Reassignment

Unit members with an involuntary track change reassignment after the first day of the school year for that track, shall be allowed two (2) days of release time to prepare for the assignment. This Section 5 shall not apply at the secondary level for reassignments for the second semester announced three (3) weeks prior to the start of the second semester.