Appendix E
Standing rules for elections of SBTA site reps


Every two years beginning in 2007, the Election Committee will prepare a calendar for the
election of SBT A Site Reps. This calendar will be in the buildings no later than the first Monday
of March.

Candidacy forms will be prepared by the Election Committee and made available to all members
no later than the second full week of March. Candidacy forms must be received in the SBT A
office no later than 5:00pm on the last Friday of March.

Ballots and Signature sheets will be prepared using the CT A alphabet to determine the order of
candidates on the ballot. Ballots will be mailed to off-track teachers ten days prior to election.
Date of return will be ten days from date of mailing.

The dates of balloting will be staggered:

    1) . Year-Round Elementary will ballot the first full week of May
    2) Middle Schools will ballot the second full week of May.
    30 High School and Special Services will ballot the third full week of May.
The ballots along with the signature sheets must be returned to SBTA by 5:00pm on the Friday
of the week of balloting. The Election Committee will count the ballots on the day of return and
prepare a report back to the membership of each site no later than five working days after receipt
of the ballots.

If a site has the same number of candidates as it does positions available, the site may declare its
positions filled and shall notify the SBT A Elections Chair. Voting to accept or not accept the
candidates by acclamation will be done with a "show of hands" vote at a site meeting. Members
must sign in and the vote will be counted and recorded by the current site rep(s) unless that rep(s)
is on the ballot. If that occurs, a SBT A member who is not on the ballot will perform those
duties. The signature sheet and recorded vote will be sent to the SBT A office, care of the
Election's Chair.

Candidates will be elected by a plurality vote. Alternates will be determined by the highest vote
after the site reps positions are filled. In case of a vacancy before the next regularly scheduled
election, the alternate with the highest number of votes will fill the position. If there is no
alternate, the Election Committee will run a special election for that site. Alternates filling a
vacant position will serve until the next regular scheduled election.

Sites that do not follow the time lines or the rules governing the site rep elections, as set forth by
the SBTA Board of Directors; will not have representation on SBTA's Rep Council.

Special Elections may be held at sites as directed by the SBTA Board of Directors after careful
consideration of the circumstances, which resulted in no election being held, or because the site
rep election rules were not followed.

The SBT A Board of Directors will certify the Site Reps to serve on SBT A's Rep Council

Elected Site Reps will take office on the first day of their contractual year and hold office for the
next two subsequent years.

Challenges to a Rep Election may be filed in writing to the SBT A President within ten days of
receiving the final report from the Election Committee. The Challenge will be determined using
challenge rules as set forth in the standing rules for general elections. Ballots and all related
material will be held at the SBT A office for one school year.

The Calendar to elect SBT A Site Reps may be altered to the extent that these rep elections may
conflict with SBTA's general elections or spring recess.

The Site Rep Elections must be completed by the end of the second week of June.